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Nike Hyperdunk LunarlonBluegogo: Bluegogo is already a successful bikeshare company in China. It is looking to expand into the United States, according to the bike blog that just took one of its bikes out for a test ride. Reporter Tom Fucoloro reports that the bikes are lighter than the Pronto version, but hills can still be an issue. We don't have clients with the budgets to be extravagant. Oregon is a more modest place not just in economy but also attitude and the weather. I think Bob's architecture is aligned to that: a sense of modesty and permanence that is socially responsible. Perhaps even more controversial, however, is Nike's newest campaign that presents a stark, urban picture of a young black man who tells his buddy that his own father is a "gangster." The print ad is set on a playground basketball court. The photo features only the shadows of two teen age black youths who are shooting hoops. Their written dialogue runs like free verse poetry across one side of the page:. "He's always told me has two homes," said Stu Vetter, his coach at Montrose Christian. "He loves the atmosphere at Oklahoma City he's described it to me as a college atmosphere with the enthusiasm and just having a good time. But obviously he's got the family ties and is from this area.. (NBC News) Rebecca Hamilton, on Team USA Curling said, "We got to walk around, tour, go on the show. Jimmy was awesome. Jason Sudeikis was really cool as well and we just had a great time."Olympic Curling competition begins February 7 and the siblings say there a few things fans can watch for, like Matt's custom curling shoes.Matt said, "I made them through Nike. Close on the heels of Blaft Obliterary Journal comes the outstanding anthology from the Pao Collective. Here, you not only have the old guard comprising Sarnath Banerjee, Orijit Sen, Vishwajyoti Ghosh and Raj Comics jostling for panels, but newer nameslike Vidyun Sabhaney, Pia Hazarika and Sanjay Ghosh, who bring fresh perspective. Together, they offer a wide range of graphic tales including a lost episode of the Mahabharata retold in manga (the Japanese comic book art form) with a hold your belly and laugh wit, and a story about establishing contact with aliens through a fiction contest. The woman and baby stepped outside of the home and the door was closed and locked from the inside.According to the incident report, deputies could hear Ray inside yelling and cursing. The woman attempted to reenter the home but was refused access by Ray, deputies said.Deputies learned the infant has a heart issue requiring a specialized feeding tube. Efforts by a deputy to get the feeding tube were refused by Ray, the report states.EMS was called to the scene in case emergency care for the baby was needed.Deputies attempted to coax Ray out of the home using the loudspeaker on a patrol car.

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