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Nike OutfitsI am just passing this message on, i have nothing invested in peddling around in finding who you are. Cowboy too bad Kim,the truth is the truth! when can we as a society voice it! KIM SAYS: I am sure you wouldn want to do anything to impact the outcome of a jury trial. Just be patient and you can have your say. Two former HBOS bankers were among six people found guilty of bribery and fraud that cost customers and shareholders hundreds of millions of pounds, the BBC reports. Scourfield, 54, a manager at HBOS, forced struggling clients to use the services of his friends David Mills, 60, and Michael Bancroft, 73. In return, the two businessmen arranged sex parties, cash and lavish gifts. Dan Shanoff: Off the charts. He is the most talked about player in the draft (arguably any draft ever), made all the more remarkable by the fact that he may not even be a first round pick, let alone a top pick. Even the mere hint that your team might be considering Tebow drives reporters, radio hosts, bloggers and fans into a frenzy of pros and cons. In Eli Lilly case, the company has a program where it assumes responsibility for all of a patient care, with the emphasis on keeping that individual as "well" as possible. Assuming then that a well patient needs fewer drugs (and less medical attention), how does Eli Lilly make money? By sharing the cost savings with HMOs and insurance companies, according to Rifkin. "When you are commodifying a relationship to keep people well all the time, you have a lower margin but higher volume because you are working with millions of people on a lifetime relationship. And, again, we are very grateful that Nike when considering who they wanted to extend the invitation to decided that the Ysleta Independent School District reflected the same values that they embrace."Nike has a similar deal with theFrisco Independent School District, a school district in suburban Dallas. BSN also has similar partnerships throughout Texas, officials said.Before the district approved the partnership, De La Torre said the district heardpitches from other sporting brands. De La Torre said that as a government entity, YISD could not enter an exclusive agreement with a Nike or a specific sport brand without givingother businesses the opportunity tobid.Others who were bidding for the district partnership included Adidas and Under Armour."They all understood what we were looking for but then, when they submitted their proposal compared to the kind of benefits and incentives that Nike was offering, that's what drove the decision to go to Nike," De La Torre said.District officials said that uniforms that were recently purchased will be kept and used until new ones need to be issued.The partnership is expected to reduce the district's athletic budget by 40 percent, school, officials said.

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