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Nike Free Run PinkSeventeen of the top 20 live sporting events in 2001 were NASCAR races. It is the number two sport in television viewership, behind only the NFL, and number three sport in licensed sales, with $1.34 billion in revenues in 2001. Sporting News, which never covered NASCAR before, did six cover stories on the sport this year.. That would have been so cool and would have gotten so many viewers to appreciate the battle to win a race mano e mano. Instead they are trying to stack the deck just enough to deal out a flashy catchy sub 2 number when most viewers have no idea or appreciation for the difference between 4:41 pace and 4:35 pace anyway. That certainly there. Orange piping on the sleeve and placket complete the clean look. The orange top features the same logo, blue piping and blue numbers outlined in white. With the option to wear each top with almost any of the pants and hats, the possibilities are virtually endless. NFC, or near field communication, is just a standard for two devices to communicate wirelessly over extremely small distances. In amiibo case, the figures have chips in their bases that activate when placed near the NFC sensor in the Wii U GamePad (you just tap the amiibo figure base to the designated area). If you own a Wii U, it the lower lefthand space on the GamePad with an icon that looks like a white rectangle pushed into a corner.. You then choose from 40 different designs, select your own fabric and the suit's hardware. You can even alter the neckline, straps and fit for a suit that is uniquely yours. Lori Coulter swimwear is for women only.. There was an interesting, if depressing story in the Atlantic Monthly recently by Chrystia Freeland which discusses the increasing divide between the very Rich and the rest of us. Some of the more telling ideas that I managed to glean from the story were very depressing to me as an ordinary citizen, who has no hopes of ever becoming one of the Uber Rich. This is in contrast to the old idea of inherited wealth giving rise to inflated opinions of one's self worth. Take the now long empty Fifth Avenue space in the GM Building vacated by FAO Schwarz last year (pictured above). For several months now, we have all been under the impression that Apple will temporarily take over the space while it renovates its 24 hour flagship store underneath the building plaza, but now we are told that the tech company is now looking to add all or part of the above ground store as permanent space. This comes on the heels of reports that had Nike negotiating for the space, but it has also been reported that the sneaker icon has renewed its Niketown lease on East 57th Street through 2022.

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