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Nike Air Max Flyknit MidSo, I recently asked my wife which was worse: not having working water or not having a working fridge? We decided not having working water was worse. But, I can't complain too much. We're pampered Americans anyway and should be thankful for what we do have on this Fourth of July eve. Get Everton FC updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Alisher Usmanov, the Russian billionaire who owns a minority stake in Arsenal football club and sponsors Everton's Finch Farm training ground, has made a $1.3bn bid to buy out his rival shareholder in the Gunners.Mr Usmanov, a metals magnate who owns 30 per cent of Arsenal, conveyed the offer in a letter to Stan Kroenke, the US sports mogul, who controls a 67 per cent stake.The approach, made last month, valued the club at $2bn according to the Financial Times.Mr Kroenke has yet to formally respond.He is understood not to have dismissed the idea out of hand at first.However, he has since informally indicated he is not interested in selling to Mr Usmanov or anyone else."Two weeks ago, I thought something could realistically happen. Now I am not so sure," a person close to the situation said. The approach reignites the bitter feud between the two men over the direction of the club. Saturday Night Live has always commented on our country current cultural and political moments. Remember Will Ferrell as George W. Bush? Or Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? Or Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford? This year is no different: The show has been dogged about making fun of Donald Trump, turning Alec Baldwin into a grimacing jack O lantern of a man and McKinnon into a spot on Hillary Clinton. "Specific details will probably be coming forward as we move through this."The woman died at the scene, according to MedAct.Friends of the couple are devastated and searching for answers to what happened."She's a wonderful, wonderful friend. She would have done anything for anybody. This is such a tragedy, we're all going to miss her so much," said Jamie Howard, a friend of Choate.Howard couldn't believe it when she learned police killed her friend of seven years inside the home she stayed with her boyfriend."My spouse actually heard a gunshot, it kind of threw us both off and we're like 'What's going on?' and saw all these cops pulling up surrounding our entire street," Hatch said.She said Choate and her boyfriend were inseparable."They were always together, they always seemed so happy riding their bikes," Hatch said. Non sponsor Under Armour also made the chart, however. That's yet another twist in marketers' ongoing dance with Olympics rules and regulations around sponsorship (or not). The campaigns in this top 10 are all themed around the Olympics, even if the brand is not an official sponsor.

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